Review: Why You Should Play Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is a turn-based RPG released for the PlayStation which is often regarded as one of the best video games of all time.

Final Fantasy VII was a revolution in video games. It introduced RPGs to the mainstream, brought cinematic FMV sequences to the storytelling and took millions of people on an unforgettable adventure. The world of Final Fantasy VII is engaging and the various locations feel like people actually live there. Never before had interesting characters, a deep narrative, cinematic presentation and intuitive game play come together so well. Nor has it since.

The story begins as ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife joins an underground resistance group attacking the corporation he once worked for. What starts out as a simple mercenary job, leads to a story of revenge, love, identity and ultimately a journey to save the planet’s life. The story includes some of the most iconic characters in RPGs, which are all well fleshed out and really make you care for them. There are so many memorable scenes; from the death of Aeris, to Sephiroth burning down Nibelheim, that are accompanied by thought provoking and emotional dialogue. Final Fantasy VII’s narrative will keep you thinking about it long after you have stopped playing.

Battles are fought using the Active Time Battle (ATB) system used in most games in the Final Fantasy series. Materia can be collected and equipped onto character’s weapons and armour, providing them with the ability to use various forms of magic and call Summon Monsters into battle. As Materia itself is levelled up, all magic can be equipped on any character to increase customisation and can be linked together to create unique combination attacks. Game play is reminiscent of many RPG’s but one area that Final Fantasy shines is in its extravagant mini-games. From snowboarding, to a motorcycle chase and even a theme park, many of the mini-games in Final Fantasy VII could be expanded into their own games.

The world of Final Fantasy VII truly comes alive when combined with its stellar soundtrack. The music is dark and emotional and adds as much to the atmosphere as the fantastic graphical design. “Aeris’ Theme” provides the most emotional and memorable song in any RPG, while “One Winged Angel” will put you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. The music is magnificent and escalates the game into the top of its genre.

Final Fantasy VII is most meaningful experience I have ever had with a video game. If you wish to play an RPG that has it all, then you should play Final Fantasy VII.


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3 responses to “Review: Why You Should Play Final Fantasy VII

  1. So true. I wanted this game for years, but it was hard to find. I finally got it from Amazon, and it was awesome. I love the story, and it has some of the best characters ever. I got so attached to them. I liked the dialogue a lot during the scene where Aerith died. It was sad. I still think about it sometimes.

    • Thanks, the story and characters are definitely my favourites of any game. I think the dialogue is very unique and there are many lines that I found very insightful and emotional. I have never connected with a video game quite like I did with Final Fantasy VII and I’m glad you felt the same way.

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