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Welcome to the RPG Square. My name is David and I am in my early twenties. This website will have information and experiences from RPG’s I have played over the years. My favourite developer was SquareSoft, but I have played many RPG’s from different companies and currently playing more so hopefully you will find something about your favourite game here. So if you have some fond memories of great RPGs feel free to have a look around the site and post some comments and thoughts. Navigation is done through the links on the right side of the Home page.

Please post a comment at the bottom of this page of your favourite RPG and why you think it’s the best.



33 responses to “Site Information

  1. Hello. I can’t find many blogs on video games. I’m glad I found yours. I love video games. I finally played Final Fantasy VII recently, and it was awesome. Squaresoft/Square Enix is one of my favorite video game developers, too. They are amazing.

    • Thanks, video games have left a lasting impression on me as well and I hope you can get some enjoyment from the posts I write. I’m glad you finally got to play the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy VII and despite it’s age you were able to appreciate it’s greatness. Please look around and add some comments.

  2. NyNy

    Hi there David! I really like your blog and a lot of your posts which are really good! I wanted to know if you’d be interested in doing a collab video game post with me? Let me know what you think and get back to me soon 🙂

  3. I think my favorite RPG is Golden Sun. No, not Fire Emblem 😀 Thing is, I hadn’t played a whole bunch of RPGs when I was growing up, but one day I end up getting a copy of Golden Sun from a family member. Could not stop playing. Had everything I could have wanted, and it was even pretty short too! Just a fun game for me.

    • I have played both Golden Sun and it’s sequel, The Lost Age. I agree they are great games and really work as epic RPGs on the handheld GameBoy Advance. They have released a third game in the series called Dark Dawn on the Nintendo DS that you should definitely check out! Thanks and welcome to The RPG Square!

  4. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

  5. Mark

    My favorite RPGs were FFVII and Suikoden II. That said, have you checked out this fan based project?

    They are trying to make a live action web series, and from what I see, it looks pretty promising.

    • Interesting, saw this the another day. Will definitely check it out if it ends up being made. Apparently they have secured the rights to the music as well. Could be awesome.

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  7. Hey, love your site. I generally just enjoy reading about RPGs – I used to play them voraciously and these days I’ve sort of lost interest (a good part of the reason likely being voice acting), and your posts bring up a lot of good memories. If you would, I’ve love to see one written up on your Top Ten Final Dungeons in RPGs, from the Northern Crater to the Cave of the Past from Earthbound. Also I would like to see something on the benefits of pre-rendered backgrounds in RPG world design. Thanks!

    • Hey Andrew, glad you enjoy the site. Yeah I don’t have as much time to play RPGs as I used to and some of the modern ones just don’t interest me anymore, but I still find some great ones. Your ideas for posts are fantastic, I played through FFIX not long ago and I remember going through the final dungeon of Memoria and thinking the design was awesome and now here is your idea. I will make it happen. Also I have written a bit of my love of pre-rendered backgrounds, so this idea will also probably make a post. Stay tuned!

  8. Thanks, I look forward to reading them. I used to write a blog a few years ago (I think it was ) where I covered a bunch of RPG and game stuff, and it’s nice to read another one.

  9. Ok, my name is David too and Squaresoft was also my favorite developer, this is weird…
    I grew up playing many RPGs, starting with Super Mario RPG and my favorite one is Chrono Trigger. However, at the time I played the Final Fantasies I didn’t give them much thought such as you do. And now with your posts I’m seeing how much more incredible they are, specially with the posts describing the characters (Cloud and Yuna). Now I started to play them all over again.
    Thanks for writing so well about RPGs and explaining them the way you do!

    • That is quite a coincidence! Haha thanks for stopping by.
      There have been any amazing RPG’s over the years and I’m glad that my writing has allowed you to appreciate them in more depth.
      Thanks for the comment!

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  11. boiofthestreets

    Hello David, I have just read through a handful of replies on this page, and I would simply like to say how much I appreciate your various posts. I fully understand why looking deep into the story of video games is not a common procedure while playing, but being someone who thoroughly enjoys interactive storytelling, I am glad to see the insight you are spreading, and thus allowing people to enjoy certain RPGs as they should be (particular titles come to mind such as FFVII and its protagonist Cloud Strife). So thanks again.
    Also, continuing the level of coincidence triggered by the last poster, I seem to have in common both your favourite video game and first name 🙂

    • Haha it seems David and Final Fantasy VII is a bit of a trend 🙂
      Thanks for visiting the site and please keep coming back. Your comments have been insightful and interesting to read!

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