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Top 5 RPG Series That Need A Comeback

Some RPG series have been dormant for many years now. During the Super Nintendo, PlayStation and PlayStation 2 eras these series were seen as some of the best and most innovative. A few of these series have seen some spin-off games or Japanese only titles recently, while others haven’t had a new release in over a decade. These are the Top 5 RPG series that need to make a comeback.
1. -Suikoden-
Starting life on the original PlayStation back in 1995, the Suikoden series is well known for it’s focus on political storylines, ability to recruit 108 characters and three different types of combat, including turn-based party battles, one-on-one duels and large scale strategy war battles. Suikoden II is probably the most critically acclaimed in the series, while the last mainline instalment was Suikoden V released in 2006. It would be amazing for Konami to release Suikoden VI and bring back the epic storylines and intense battles.
Suikoden II Battle
2. -Grandia-
Developed by Game Arts, the original Grandia is seen as a classic released on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation. Grandia featured one of the best turn-based battles systems ever made, that allowed your characters to counter or even interrupt enemy attacks. The rest of the series followed on with this great system, but despite an online entry recently the last mainline entry was Grandia III released on the PlayStation 2. I would love to see a Grandia revival capturing the sense of imagination, spirit and adventure of the first game.
Grandia Fun
3. -Wild ARMS-
Like a few of the series on this list, the first Wild ARMS game was released on the original PlayStation. Published by Sony, Wild ARMS was notable for having an “Old West” theme and characters that used firearms as weapons. While beginning with a traditional turn-based battles system, later entries changed up the formula to incorporate a Hex System allowing characters to move around a grid when fighting enemies. With 5 main games and a tactical RPG spin-off all releasing on past PlayStation systems now is the time to bring Wild ARMS 6 to the PlayStation 4.
Wild ARMS 5 Dean Rebecca
4. -Dark Cloud-
Level 5 has created some fantastic RPGs over the years, but their very first was Dark Cloud for the PlayStation 2 back in 2000. A sequel, Dark Chronicle was released a couple of years later improving on everything from the original featuring action RPG battles, city-building system mechanics and a magical cel-shaded art style. With the last game released over a decade ago, many fans have waited long enough for a 3rd Dark Cloud game.
Dark Chronicle Characters
5. -Breath of Fire-
The oldest series on the list, Capcom developed the first game for the Super Nintendo back in 1993. After a sequel on the SNES, the series moved to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and really hit it’s stride. The battle system is turn-based and the main protagonist of each game is named Ryu who can transform in different types of dragons. The last entry Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter was released in 2002 and brought some unique design elements to the series. Despite a sixth entry being announced in Japan for smartphones, RPG fans would rather a console game returning to the style of Breath of Fire IV.
Breath of Fire Battle


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