Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VI

The soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI is monumental. Created at a time when music added as much depth to the game as the graphics, each track is unforgettable. Not only does the music perfectly convey the emotion of the story, but even includes an opera. These are my top 5 songs from Final Fantasy VI:

1. -Terra’s Theme-

The first thing that enters your head is the vision of marching. This theme fills you with a sense of courage and strength. It perfectly portrays Terra’s insecurities as well as her resolve. This may be the greatest ever musical track found in a video game.

2. -Aria di Mezzo Carattere-

The absolute highlight of the famous opera scene. Blending the beautiful melody found in Celes’ Theme and adding synthesised voice, it is striking and grandiose. It is songs like this that elevate Final Fantasy VI’s soundtrack above many other of it’s era.

3. -Dancing Mad-

If one track is more epic that the opera theme, then it is Dancing Mad. Played during the different stages of the final battle with Kefka, the arrangements are handled brilliantly. With the use of an organ played during certain parts, the track is both full of energy and suspense.

4. -The Decisive Battle-

The main battle theme of the game and once again highlights Uematsu’s ability to create such intense battle music. It starts out frantically and instantly conveys a sense of urgency. It is a great upbeat track that gets you ready to face anything.

5. -Magitek Research Facility-

This one of the many great songs in Final Fantasy VI that are used as background music for locations the heroes visit. This track is experimental, but the quirky melody compliments the mechanical setting perfectly.



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7 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VI

  1. That second one starts off sounding a lot like Aerith’s theme. I like the 4th and 5th best. I like the beat in the 5th one.

  2. I recently posted a similar chart on my blog about Japanese soundtrack.
    Number 1 ended up by being of course Terra’s Theme.
    So epic…

    Here’s the artcile (it’s in Italian though).

    PS: great blog, I added it to the links list on mine, hope you don’t mind!

  3. Yeah Terra’s Theme is a fantastic piece of music. Thanks and of course you can link, welcome to the site.

  4. WhiteKnight597

    I’d definitely have Terra’s Theme as my #1 as well but it’s barely the best map theme in this game! Searching For Friends is also a great theme. An underrated piece in this game IMO is “Forever Rachel.” The few times you hear this theme, it seems to fit the situation so perfectly and you feel so bad for Locke.

    • Searching for Friends was such a desolate piece that fit perfectly with the mood in the game at the time. The best part about FFVI’s soundtrack is how well the music always fits with the current situation. Uematsu was spot on with this music. Thanks

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