Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X was the first main title to feature composers other than Nobuo Uematsu. This gave the soundtrack a more diverse sound and featured multilayered melodies. It was also the first Final Fantasy game with voice acting. These are my top 5 songs from Final Fantasy X:

1. -To Zanarkand-

This is a deeply beautiful and sad song. With only the use of piano, this melody transports you to another world and takes you through the emotions of despair, regret, loss and hope. One of Uematsu’s greatest compositions.

2. -Suteki Da Ne-

The main vocal piece of the soundtrack, sung in Japanese. It is a tragic, but heartfelt love song featuring a sweeping melody and nice vocals. I would also recommend listening to the English version translated for the Final Fantasy orchestral concerts.

3. -Main Battle Theme –

The main battle theme of Final Fantasy X is very different to others in the series. It is more upbeat and rhythmical. It matches Tidus jumping back and forth getting ready for action. While the melody starts off calm and collected, it still includes enough energy to fit the harder battles.

4. -Silence Before The Storm-

An eerie and mysterious song, like you have just wandered into an enchanted forest. The melody is both comforting and intriguing. The composition features a wonderful chord progression that really makes the song stand out.

5. -Otherworld-

Something completely new to the series, the distorted guitar and grinding vocals came as a surprise to long time players, but the heavy metal sound was the perfect background for the final battle against Jecht as Braska’s Final Aeon.



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6 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy X

  1. Awesome post 🙂 my favourite is suteki da ne. Enjoyed listening to all the songs, thanks for the links!

  2. Two of my favorites on this list. Zanarkand was great, but Otherworld, as you pointed out, was just different. New. The grinding sound of it perfectly fit the scene the two times I recalled hearing it – near the beginning and at the end.

    • I liked the variety in the soundtrack, mostly because of the different composers. I remember hearing it for the first time and really being surprised. Thanks!

  3. I haven’t played this game for years. It’s fun hearing the music again. I always loved Suteki Da Ne. So beautiful. One of the best songs ever. Silence Before the Storm was always one of my favorites, too. I’ve been planning on playing again in the near-ish future, but now I want to play again more than ever.

  4. Thanks Duck, I have been thinking of replaying it again, but with the announcement of the HD remaster for PS3 and Vita I think I will just wait to play it then!

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