Top 5 Moments from Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is remembered as one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Not only did it possess great game play, but some of the events are the most memorable of any game. From travelling through time on the Epoch, to playing games at the Millennial Fair, narrowing it down to just 5 is no easy task. These are my top 5 moments from Chrono Trigger:

1. -The Battle With Magus-

After discovering that Lavos will destroy the world in 1999 AD and believing Magus to be the reason, the party travels to the middle ages in 600 AD to confront the magical fiend. After scaling his terrifying castle and defeating his minions, you reach the top and begin to walk slowly towards what you think is the final battle. Erie flames light the path and at the end stands a menacing Magus. The battle is difficult, the theme music is epic and at the end you are thrown into another time gate into the distant past to find out Magus was not behind Lavos and your real journey has only just begun!

2. -Chrono’s Death and Revival-

When returning to the mystical Kingdom of Zeal to challenge the Queen, Lavos awakens and Magus, revealing his disguise, attempts to defeat it. Outmatched, Crono sacrifices himself and is killed by Lavos allowing the party to escape as Zeal is destroyed. Killing the main character was a major surprise to the player and he can be left dead for the rest of the game. Although later, the party acquire the “Chrono Trigger” from the guru of time and can use it to go back and save Crono’s life. The touching scene is then shown of Marle embracing Crono in front of an eclipse as Lucca bursts into tears.

3. -Frog Unleashes the Masamune-

After learning of Frog’s sad past with Magus killing his friend Cyrus and then cursing him by transforming him into a frog, the party power up the Masamune and attempt to open the way to Magus’ Castle. Frog accepts his fate as the true wielder of the Masamune and unlocks its full power. After turning it to the heavens, he then leaps at the mountain side cutting it in half, revealing the secret passage to Magus. The scene is even more epic with the heroic “Frog’s Theme” playing triumphantly in the background.

4. -Recruiting Magus, or Gaining Your Revenge-

Later in the game, after Zeal has fallen and Crono is thought dead, the party once again finds Magus on the top of North Cape. After viewing the flashbacks of Magus’ former life as the Prince of Zeal, he gives you the option of one last fight to the death. If Frog is in the party he will challenge Magus alone and if he succeeds, he will not only kill Magus for good, but also lift the curse, returning himself to human. The player also has the option to spare Magus’ life as Frog accepts that killing Magus will not bring back his dear friend Cyrus. Not only is the choice entirely up to the player, but if you refuse to battle Magus he will actually join you party as one of the most powerful characters in the game.

5. -The Trial-

In front of one of the most striking images of the game, depicting a beautiful stain glass window, Crono is put to trial for being accused of kidnapping Marle, the Princess of Guardia. As the evidence mounts, the game replays segments of the opening when you were free to roam around the Millennial Fair. Did you take the old man’s lunch? Did you try and grab Marle’s pendant and see how much it was worth to sell? Did you help find the little girls cat? These seemingly normal fun mini-games were actually being tracked by the game and the player’s decisions results in whether Crono is proven to be a thief or not. Of course the trail is rigged and you are sent to prison either way, but it is scenes like this that show the genius design of Chrono Trigger and why it is so fun to play!



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8 responses to “Top 5 Moments from Chrono Trigger

  1. It’s really a shame that Square-Enix hasn’t given much attention to Chrono franchise, it’s a series that’s seriously due for another entry and yet there hasn’t been even a hint of one since Chrono Cross…ah well, perhaps someday…

    • Initially there was plans for Chrono Break, but unfortunately the team that made Chrono Cross have been developing the online Final Fantasy XI and XIV and it seems Square Enix have no interest now in continuing the series. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site.

      • martin

        Too bad, But in all honesty after all this thime..i say its best to leave the franchise as dead as it is. Naturally if a new game woulp pop out id buy it like a crazed newlyrich russion prostitute but i serously doubt i owuld be impressed. NO new games ever impresses me.

        • Yeah it seems unlikely they would be able to recapture the magic of Trigger or even the uniqueness of Cross. Maybe some things are better off left to stay as classics. Thanks!

  2. I agree with martin. Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece and should be left alone. No (real) remake or other sequels should be done. Chrono Cross was nice, but not as good. The PSOne and NDS versions are perfect.

    • Yeah I agree, Chrono Trigger was so perfect and it worked so well with the SNES hardware, it would be a totally different game made now with modern technology. Thanks for the comment.

  3. WhiteKnight597

    You could make a top 20 list of moments in this game! I’d like to mention the buildup/fight/aftermath of the Azala & Black Tyrano battle as well as the campfire and time travel sidequest of Lucca’s. Something about that campfire scene….

    • All great points, the pacing of Chrono Trigger is on point and is a lesson to all other RPGs. You just go from one interesting moment to the next with little filler. Hell even an important story segment like you mentioned with Lucca is a side quest! You know you have an awesome game when your side quests are better than most other games main storyline! Thanks.

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