Review: Why You Should Play Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG for the PlayStation 2 that featured the bizarre, but magical combination of classic Disney characters with Squaresoft’s own Final Fantasy characters.

Kingdom Hearts Cloud

Kingdom Hearts created a universe where characters from Disney animated films such as Aladdin and Peter Pan co-existed with Final Fantasy characters ranging from Cloud Strife to Squall Leonheart. It didn’t just rest on the popularity of Disney’s timeless characters and settings though, expertly mixing it together featuring an entertaining original story, fun real time combat system, high quality voice acting and an amazing soundtrack. Kingdom Hearts was so unpredictable, yet so ingenious.

Kingdom Hearts Sora and Kairi

The story focuses mostly on original characters, while leaving the Disney and Final Fantasy characters as cameos, which works extremely well as it lets Kingdom Hearts stand on its own two feet. The main character Sora is tasked with using the Keyblade to travel to different worlds and protect them from being consumed by the dark creatures known as the Heartless. The story evolves from the light verse darkness theme and provides many twists and turns such as your allies becoming enemies. The locations are also a highlight as each new world brings a classic Disney film to life.

Kingdom Hearts Goofy and Donald

Unlike most of the RPGs Squaresoft were releasing at the time, battles in Kingdom Hearts are in real time with the player having full control over Sora, who is joined by Donald and Goofy (plus other Disney characters) as computer controlled party members. The combat system still has plenty of depth as Sora can attack with his Keyblade, cast magic spells, use special techniques, jump, fly and even use summons. Despite the bright and colourful look of the games graphics, some bosses are very difficult and require the player to master all of their abilities such as an optional fight against the infamous Sephiroth in the Hercules’ Olympus Colosseum.

Kingdom Hearts Sora Vs Riku

Kingdom Hearts excels in its voice acting, as the main characters are brought to life by Hollywood actors and many of the Disney characters have their original voice talent. Adding to the fantastic audio experience is the impressive soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura who carefully blends arrangements of iconic Disney melodies with memorable original compositions such as “Dearly Beloved” and “Hollow Bastion”.

Kingdom Hearts Ansem

Kingdom Hearts is a wonderful mix of originality and nostalgia. If you wish to play an action RPG with thrilling game play and memorable characters then you should play Kingdom Hearts.



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4 responses to “Review: Why You Should Play Kingdom Hearts

  1. I love that game. It’s one of the two reasons I got a PS2 (along with the first “Jak and Daxter”). It was just so fun and had such a wonderful story, and the Disney locations were so fun to explore. One of my favorite games of all time.

    It’s a shame the series hasn’t been as good lately. “KH” and “KH2” are the best (and I really should replay them sometime), and I wish they’d come out with another console one. The handheld games just aren’t doing it for me. Plus, they feel the need to release the games on every handheld imaginable, and I can’t afford to keep up anymore. GBA, PS Portable, DS, and 3DS. My goodness. No more!

    • I agree, the two main instalments are the best and they really need to just move on to Kingdom Hearts 3. I did play Birth By Sleep and found it great, but the other handheld games didn’t interest me.

  2. I just played the first one, and I still consider it a great game, with a magnificent story and cool characters.
    I barely started the second one as I got bored right from the beginning.
    KH1 was perfect, and should have been an isolated episode.
    I watched GameTrailers Timeline and everything gets so chaotic and pointless so many times it’s frustrating to follow the plot.

    • The first Kingdom Hearts is also my favourite, it had the best mix of story and gameplay while others seemed over complicated. Thanks for the comment!

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