Final Fantasy VII Remake

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings. For they are coming back…

Almost 20 years ago, Final Fantasy VII was unleashed on the original PlayStation and burned itself into the hearts and minds of many people. It is still a highly regarded RPG and looked back upon fondly by the millions that played it. Whether it was the 3D graphics, the impressive (at the time) FMV sequences, the sensational soundtrack, the atmospheric and intriguing world, the lovable and iconic characters, the strategic turn-based battle system, the emotional and quirky narrative or just a combination of all of those things and more, few games have the immense reputation as Final Fantasy VII. Now it is going to be remade anew!   


Final Fantasy VII is my favourite game of all time and for years I often wondered what a remake would be like, honestly it brought equal parts excitement and fear. Final Fantasy VII is very much a product of its time, for both good and bad, but it’s what makes it what it is. By updating the game to modern standards it would no doubt look amazing… but, would voice acting destroy the beauty of the soundtrack? Would the battle gameplay be changed and the material system diluted? Would the narrative lose some of it’s more unique and bizarre moments? And would the lack of original creators like Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uematsu and Masato Kato that no longer work at Square be sorely missed? These… these were the questions that I could never answer.


Despite these reservations, I cannot deny my excitement for this remake. To revisit this world again and see it in a completely new light. The moody and sombre Midgar, the mysterious and eerie City of the Ancients, the wild and wacky Gold Saucer, the intimidating Junon, there are so many fantastic locations in Final Fantasy VII to explore. The details were exceptional on the pre-rendered backgrounds and they were really highlighted by the cinematic camera angles. The remake has a great opportunity to really breathe new life into this world and amaze the player with its scope and diversity.


I also can’t wait to see how they adapt the story, both the truly emotional and heartfelt moments, but of course the funny and weird ones just as much. Final Fantasy VII deals with some harsh and realistic themes. Aeris’ death scene, Dyne’s mass murder at the Battle Square and emotional exchange with Barret before his suicide, Zacks original brutal and stoic death, Shinra dropping the Sector 7 plate and killing thousands, juxtaposed over the heroes blowing up the Mako reactors and killing innocent civilians themselves and of course Sephiroth losing his mind and setting Nibelheim ablaze and walking through the flames.


In contrast it also has plenty of funny moments that really give it an identity all of its own. I hope we get to see scenes like Cloud dressing up as a girl to infiltrate Don Corneo’s Mansion, Tifa slapping Scarlet on top of the Junon Cannon, Red XIII disguised as a sailor walking on two legs (and Barret dressed as a marshmallow), Aeris and Cloud participating in the Play on their Gold Saucer date (or Tifa, Yuffie or… Barret), Cloud trying to get into the Shinra Parade unnoticed and especially Cid telling everyone to sit down and drink their God damn Tea!


Sure, changes will be made. The battle system will be changed to something more modern and adopt a turn-based, real time hybrid, some story segments will be altered, voice acting will be present and some of the mini-games may be cut. But based on the latest trailer Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura look to be staying as faithful as possible and aiming to recapture the vibe and soul of the original game. We will always still have the original Final Fantasy VII that we can go back and play anytime, but I am happy to embrace this reimagining of Cloud’s journey and be excited to discover everything all over again…
Besides, there ain’t  no getting off this train we’re on, so… Let mosey!




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6 responses to “Final Fantasy VII Remake

  1. peterkelly90006

    You’ve got the right attitude about this remake. No matter how good or bad it is, there’s nothing to stop people from playing the original. Last I looked, FF7 was still on the Playstation Network.

    The new graphics for Cloud are good, much better than his weird look from the original where his arms were made from cubes. I’m not such a fan of Barret’s new appearance. With the older graphics I could imagine him as Mr T., not so much with the new ones.

    I hope they don’t add in a sidequest where you can save or resurrect Aerith. That would cheapen the whole thing.

    I’m also kind of hoping that Gilgamesh makes a gratuitous appearance.

    You might be interested to know that there’s an FF7 demake for the Nes, made by some Chinese developers and translated by some Anglophone fans. I haven’t played much of it, but it looks pretty cool.

    • Exactly! Nothing can change the original so why not embrace this new take on FFVII.
      I want them to stay as faithful as possible but I’m okay with the fact changes will be made.
      I have seen the NES fan version, hilarious seeing Cloud as an 8-bit character.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m so excited about this remake! I think I’m still going to prefer the original (I usually do), but it’ll be cool to see a fresh, new version of this amazing game. I’m most interested to see cross-dressing Cloud….

  3. Great post! Very excited here for this one as well. But it looks very much like a reboot rather than a simple remake. Still, I’ve not been able to really get into any recent FF titles. Maybe this one will be just the ticket.

    • You’re right, It very much looks like a reboot/ reimagining. It’s definitely going to be a different game to the original. The gameplay will obviously be different, they are going to expand on the story and let you explore more of the classic locations like Midgar.
      If it is a great game, hopefully it will be the Final Fantasy that will really draw you in!

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