Top 5 Final Fantasy Summons

After first appearing in the 3rd instalment in the Final Fantasy series, Summons have been a recurring and integral part of the franchise. They can be known my many names, such as Espers, Eidolons or Aeons, but no matter what these magical beings can be relied upon in battle to deliver some impressive spells to take on the toughest enemies.
Here are my Top 5 Favourite Summons:
1. -Bahamut-
The King of Dragons, often the most powerful Summon obtained during the main storyline, Bahamut flies around and rains non-elemental damage against your enemies via his Mega-Flare attack. Although Summons are not used in the first Final Fantasy Bahamut still appears and grants the Warriors of Light more powerful classes. In Final Fantasy VII Bahamut even has different forms such as Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO.
Best Incarnation – Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Bahamut Zero2. -Shiva-
The Ice Queen has appeared in almost all of the mainline Final Fantasy titles. Usually obtained early in the storyline, Shiva can be a powerful ally dealing Ice damage to your enemies. With Summons controllable during Final Fantasy X, Shiva is fast and has attacks that delay the enemy’s movements and she is very helpful in the initial fight against Seymour.
Best Incarnation – Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X Shiva3. -Alexander-
Originally appearing in Final Fantasy VI, Alexander is a giant castle-like robot that attacks with Holy based attacks such as Divine Judgement. During the events of Final Fantasy IX, the main antagonist Kuja summons Bahamut to destroy the Kingdom of Alexandria, but Garnet and Eiko counter it with Alexander. The two powerful Summons engage in a mighty battle with Alexander overpowering the Dragon King.
Best Incarnation – Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX Alexander4. -Anima-
Being an Aeon, Anima is a dream of the fayth, specifically the mother of Seymour in Final Fantasy X. It is one of the most powerful Summons in the game and must be obtained by finding all the hidden treasures in the Cloisters of Trials. Anima is dragged from the underworld to deal immense pain to your adversaries.
Best Incarnation – Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X Anima 25. -Phoenix-
The eternal fire bird, Phoenix deals Fire damage to enemies and can revive your knocked out party members. In Final Fantasy VI Locke attempts to revive his lover Rachel using the Esper. but only manages it momentarily. In Final Fantasy VII you can pair the Phoenix material with Final Attack to revive all of your party even after an attack that would normally lead to game over.
Best Incarnation – Final Fantasy VII
 Final Fantasy VII Phoenix Summon


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5 responses to “Top 5 Final Fantasy Summons

  1. Good choices. Bahamut is definitely the best. Dragons always are, really. And I always really liked Anima. She was pretty cool. And scary. Is that the only game she’s in?

    I never understood what some of the summons did, like Carbuncle. And one of my lesser favorites…Pandemona in “FFVIII”. Now that thing was weird.

    • Thanks! I have only seen Anima used as a summon in FFX and it is quite unique to that game.
      Definitely agree some of the summons are pretty wacky, but that is what makes some of them awesome!

  2. Operario

    My first Final Fantasy was VIII and considering the weight summons have in that game, I immeditaly loved them. I like your list, though I think it’s PRETTY HARD to choose only 5 hahaha. In any case, my top 5 list would be:

    1 – Odin FFVIII (Can’t get over how cool it was when he appeared unnanounced and Zantetsuken-ed the enemy to Oblivion)

    2 – Bahamut FFVII or X (Neo Bahamut is my favorite, but controlling that rainbow-winged Bahamut in X was sick!)

    3 – Alexander FFIX – I know he wasn’t even playable but he looked damn cool in those FMVs

    4 – Hades FFVII/Doomtrain FFVIII – playing the game on easy mode: just summon these guys and you’re all set

    5 – SIren FFVIII – yay pubic hair!

  3. Eric R

    In section 5 it’s Materia not material. Thanks!
    Also the best bahamut was FFX

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