Top 5 Boss Battles from Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII will be remembered for it’s great characters, atmosphere and narrative, but another aspect that really stands out is the memorable boss battles. All the way from the Guard Scorpion at the very beginning of the game to the final showdown in the Northern Cave you better be ready for action. Here are the Top 5 Boss Battles from Final Fantasy VII:

  1. – Rufus Shrina –

The opening hours of Final Fantasy VII is filled with more memorable moments than most games have in their entirety. You bomb two Mako Reactors, meet Aeris, dress in drag in the Wall Market to sneak into Don Corneo’s Mansion, narrowly escape the plate being dropped on Sector 7 and then infiltrate Shrina HQ to find the President murdered by what appears to be Sephiroth. This all leads up to an epic one-on-one showdown on the roof of Shrina HQ between Cloud and the President’s son Rufus. The introduction of Rufus, his speech and the fight all make up a fantastic experience. If you didn’t know much about RPGs you could have been mistaken into thinking this was nearing the end of the game, when in fact it had only just begun!

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Vs Rufus Battle

  1. – Jenova LIFE –

Final Fantasy VII has an unparalleled knack of building up tension and then throwing an epic boss battle at you when your emotions are high. There is no better example of this, than after working your way through the mysterious City of Ancients in search of Aeris, to then witness her sudden death at the hands of the heartless Sephiroth, to then be confronted with an intense battle against another form of Jenova. You hardly get a chance to catch your breath or comprehend what just happened when you are forced to fight for your lives. The emotional rollercoaster is complete when you realise the normal boss battle music when fighting Jenova is not playing, but rather the beautiful Aeris’ Theme instead, a spectacular design choice from the developers.

Final Fantasy Jenova LIFE

  1. – Sephiroth –

After battling your way through the Northern Cave and one last gathering of the party, it’s time to face the final challenge: defeat Sephiroth and release Holy to allow it to try and save the planet. Sephiroth’s first two forms are the real challenge and the angelic second form utilises the lengthy cinematic Super Nova attack that destroys entire planets just to try and stop you. The final battle is just Cloud and a human Sephiroth facing off as Cloud unleashes his ultimate attack, Omnislash to end Sephiroth once and for all. Even though the last battle is unlosable, it is every bit as satisfying as you can feel all of Cloud’s anger, sadness and resentment spill out as he finally settles the score after all those years.

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Omnislash

  1. – Ruby/ Emerald WEAPON –

Final Fantasy VII has a few optional boss battles, but none come close to the complexity of these two WEAPONs. While some of the other battles on this list are memorable because of the storyline that surrounds them, Ruby and Emerald WEAPON are here because of the challenge they present and the strategies needed to cover come them. Final Fantasy VII has a deep and rewarding combat and customisation system and you need to have a strong grasp of how to master it if you are to have any chance of being victorious in these battles. Both offer different tricks such as Ruby being able to permanently knock party members out of the fight or Emerald’s attack that hits harder depending on how many materia you have equipped on each character. The ultimate boss battles in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Ruby Emerald WEAPON

  1. – Demons Gate –

Fought in the Temple of Ancients, this is a terrifying and difficult boss battle. It is likely the toughest battle at that stage of the game and will really challenge the player’s ability. The design is intimidating and there is a real sense of urgency to the fight as Demons Gate is fast and has some devastating attacks such as Demon Rush. It is a great accomplishment to see the end of this battle and it feels like the start of many more challenging bosses to come.

Final Fantasy VII Demons Gate



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6 responses to “Top 5 Boss Battles from Final Fantasy VII

  1. “FFVII” did have some great boss battles and some very frustrating ones. So many times I got stuck with flying bosses, while my characters had short-range attacks only. Grr! And I’ll never be able to beat those optional Weapon bosses. The people that can do it are true masters. The third part of the final battle was the most satisfying to win. After Sephiroth kept trying to kill me with his insanely long Super Novas, and I finally got through it, I was so relieved.

    • I took the time to prepare everything to take down both Emerald and Ruby WEAPON. The materia combinations were the key, Final Attack and Pheonix, W-Summon and Knights of the Round, Ultima and Quadra Magic and of course using Mime with Cloud’s Omnislash. Great fun and truly challenging! Thanks for the comment.

  2. WhiteKnight597

    So many battles in this game were pretty easy and I normally find the more challenging ones more rewarding/fun. Carry Armor has got to be in my Top 5 and probably really close to the top. I also liked the boss in the Ice Cave (the two headed monster) but can’t remember it’s name. Rufus was a great setup but the battle itself was way too easy IMO.

  3. Most of the battles I picked were from story/ emotional impact really, but I thought they were really well done. The bosses you mentioned were great challenges and also really fun too! Thanks

  4. boiofthestreets

    It is next to impossible fully explaining why, but for some awkward mixture of reasons, I too loved that final duel between the dark impassioned Sephiroth and the mentally trampled upon Cloud Strife. In terms of gameplay it held no value really, being risk-free and basically just a slightly interactive cutscene. But… I don’t know what it is about it. The silence, perhaps – after a stunning concluding battle with the One-Winged Angel? Where the depths of the planet are echoed with two abominations of technological failures and accidents, trying to slaughter the other simply to end their own torment? Hmm, yeah – something like that I reckon.

    • Haha you said it was next to impossible… but I think you pretty much nailed it! I couldn’t have described it any better than you just did.
      Whether they are literally fighting each other in the depths of the Lifestream, or it’s just a battle of will in Cloud’s confused head, it is the perfect ending to Cloud’s character arc as he finally wrestles back his true self from Sephiroth and Jenova. Thanks for the great comment!

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