Is the Time Right for a Remake of The Legend of Dragoon?

I have just begun playing The Legend of Dragoon for the first time. Released on the original PlayStation in 2000, this was Sony’s attempt at developing an epic RPG to ride the wave of success started by Final Fantasy VII. While it was popular, it never garnered the critical acclaim, or the commercial success of the game it tried to emulate, but it was an outstanding RPG in its own right. While I have been having a fantastic time playing it and it definitely has that magical feel that only RPGs made in that era posses, I believe this would be a great time for Sony to remake the game for a new generation.

The Legend of Dragoon Dart Shana Rose

Firstly, The Legend of Dragoon was released towards the end of the PlayStation’s lifespan and the PlayStation 2 was beginning to take over, so many players may have missed out on the opportunity to play the game. With Sony set to announce new hardware and with a general lack of large-scale console RPGs developed by Sony anymore, now would be a great time to re-imagine the game and capture player’s interests.

The Legend of Dragoon Beautiful

While The Legend of Dragoon was created with pre-rendered backgrounds and low polygon character models, the art direction is detailed and beautiful and would translate well to the realistic graphics found in today’s games. There are a number of set pieces found in the story that would be amazing to see with updated graphics and could be a fine showcase of Sony’s new hardware.

The Legend of Dragoon Attack

The turn-based battle system also tried to do something different, by including real time button presses to execute combos and increase attack power. This made combat more engaging and would allow the designers to keep the turn-based mechanics, instead of following most modern RPGs that utilise more action orientated battle systems. The battles are very cinematic, especially with the Dragoon transformations, which would also translate well into more realistic graphics.

The Legend of Dragoon Dart

The Legend of Dragoon was made as a chance for Sony to increase the momentum of RPGs at the time, but a remake now would allow the game to stand on its own. The story is interesting, the characters are memorable and the game play has unique features that set it apart. A remake would also allow the designers to tweak some aspects of the game such as an updating the soundtrack, adding more voice acting and having a free-roaming world map. It was recently revealed that a sequel was once in production but was unfortunately cancelled and while The Legend of Dragoon was a great RPG that might not have found its full potential, the time is now right for a remake!



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23 responses to “Is the Time Right for a Remake of The Legend of Dragoon?

  1. I would agree on principle, just because I recall Legend of Dragoon very fondly, but you make some good points. There has been a big push to see a lot of games remade/remastered. This one would be fun – but I doubt we’ll see it unfortunately.

  2. I was incredibly interested in The Legend of Dragoon when it first came out, but I just never got around to playing it. I wouldn’t make that mistake the second time round, if there is a second time.

  3. One of the games I regret not playing at the time it was released. Playstation era have some of the most “hidden” gems ever. Many RPG series or games from the PS1/2 died too early sadly, I always imagine what could have happened if those games managed to get mainstream success,,,

    Anyway, I would love to try this game now. How hard it is to play a PSone game on the PSP? Never did that, I wonder if the little screen and the different number of buttons interfere with the experience of playing those classics.

    Geez, my english is rusty. Hope my conjugation and time concordance are okay… Great post, as always!

    • PSone games translate very well into the PSP. The smaller screen helps hide some of their rough edges and the button configuration is almost identical to the original PSone controller. It works great for RPGs. You can download a lot of the classics and hidden gems for pretty cheap and it makes them very convienient to play anywhere. Thanks for the great reply!

  4. Golden_Bear92

    I really wish they would do this or continue on the sequel. I started playing this game maybe a year after it was released at a daycare I was helping out at. I was in the living room where they had the PS2 for the older teens and searching through games like Dave Mirra’s Pro BMX and ATV Offroad Fury, and then I saw this game. At first I was like “The hell is this? Medieval Power Rangers?” So I put it in and was instantly getting my ass kicked because this was literally my first RPG that I had played. I was too used to the action platformers that I played on the Sega Genesis. But I wanted to play more of it. The guy who owned it decided to give it to me and my brother and so we made a joint file that we took turns on, switching when the other got a game over. It took us years to beat. We had to get help from a friend who also played it. That’s literally the closest that I’ve really been with my brother. That is why this game will always be my favorite game of all time. And also that I loved the story and characters. I’m the only that likes the game anymore because my brother now for some reason hates JRPGs’. But since then I’ve been playing tons more RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Tales of, Star Ocean, Phantasy Star, and so many more story driven games. It’s in those that I gained the spark to start writing my own story that I hope to turn into a big RPG. And I hope that it can also give the same experience that The Legend of Dragoon gave to me. So please Sony, please remake this legend so that others can experience this.

    • Great story mate and thanks for the comment. Many people have a similar experience remembering their favourite RPG. Good luck with your story writing. Thanks!

  5. Ozekat

    Yeah LOD was my first RPG, so it brings back fond memories and tons of nostalgia. I’ve beaten it 3 times, it surprisingly has a ton of replay value, being what it is. I happened to be in a game store when it first came out and bought it on a whim….I had no idea really how to play RPGs so it was a lot of fun. A great game, and if you haven’t beaten it yet there is a hidden boss (which I never got to beat yet!) that you can access after collecting all the star dust. Imo this game stands right up all on its own, and has its own memorable crew.

    Peace, nice blog!

    • Playing an RPG for the first time and not knowing how it works can be lots of fun. It seems like a new world to discover. Apparently there was some concept art for Dart that was planned for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal, but was unfortunately never finished. I hope that means there is still some hope for a updated version of Legend of Dragoon someday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. 20 years all my logins and passwords – from Legend of Dragoon World… I love this game. It’s my God.

  7. Wasted youth

    I loved this game, great storyline and endless hours of free roam combat, not to mention that this game could be the only turn based rpg where attack power in combos relies on the players skill. I would love to see the game remade, if they took some of the aspects of “Rogue Galaxy”s2 like combining weapons, skill plates and bounty hunts the game would be absolutely amazing.

    • Yeah the combo system with timing attacks have been utilised in a few other RPGs but it was awesome in The Legend of Dragoon, really made combat more interesting. I also really liked Rogue Galaxy and would love to see Level 5 go back a make a sequel one day. Thanks!

  8. Wasted youth

    by the way guys, I still have my ps1 and legend of dragoon, all four discs in perfect working order

  9. holyhammer

    hello, legend of dragoon is one of my favorites rpgs ever, you said it right, it has feels of the 90s jrpgs, for me that was the golden era of games, im not much into new games, especially new rpgs, they suck honestly, but hey, in the post you said, there was a confirmation that a sequel was once in production, where can i read more about it??

  10. I beat LoD when I was younger, but I’m playing it again recently. It hasn’t aged too well in some respects, but I think it’s still pretty solid as far as RPGs go. I just found out that Dart was going to be DLC for that shitty PS All Stars but ended up getting canceled. What the fuck? It seems like a no brainer, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised considering the almost total lack of PS1 characters.

    Alas, I want to hope, but I doubt we’ll ever see a sequel, which is utterly mystifying both in that the game sold really well, has dedicated fans even 15+ years after, and is on the PS store.

    It’s real life that’s the nightmare.

    • I agree it’s still a really solid RPG and I enjoyed it even though I was playing it for the first time some 10 years after it’s initial release.
      Dart would have been a cool addition to the PS All Stars game (or just more PS1 characters in general as you mentioned) but at least it shows LOD has not been completely forgotten.
      Thanks for the comment!

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