Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII was a shift in the direction of the series at the time and this is reflected in its experimental and distinct soundtrack. The music is more serious than its predecessors and features love themes and more of an electronic influence to match the games futuristic settings. These are my top 5 songs from Final Fantasy VIII:

1. -Liberi Fatali-

This is played in the beginning FMV of Final Fantasy VIII and combines with the visuals to create one of the most impressive and powerful openings to any RPG. Utilising a full orchestra and choir, the music builds into an epic crescendo that leaves the player on the edge of their seats, eager for more.

2. -Eyes On Me-

This is a wonderful vocal piece featuring an upbeat melody and soothing lyrics that captures the theme of love present throughout Final Fantasy VIII. The song is actually important to the game as it fits in with plot, being written and performed by one of the characters, but also is used for the relationship between Squall and Rinoa. It is a memorable and endearing main theme.

3. -Don’t Be Afraid-

The battle themes in Final Fantasy VIII felt different to ones from the series past. As the name suggests, instead of being fuelled with intensity, this track starts off sounding cautious, before changing to a flurry of notes, almost as if you’re being chased. It changes again in the later part of the song to a more triumphant tune, signifying courage to stand and fight.

4. -The Man with the Machine Gun-

An energetic and frantic battle theme that has an electronic and techno flavoured melody. It is only used during certain parts of the game when the player controls Laguna and fits perfectly with his carefree and reckless nature. It is catchy, but constantly changes up its pace to keep if from growing stale.

5. -Waltz For The Moon-

This floaty waltz is played during the dance scene with Squall and Rinoa. It helps to show off Squall’s awkwardness, as Rinoa persists with him as he fumbles his way around the dance floor. It is a memorable piece that adds some fun to the soundtrack.



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22 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VIII

  1. Seriously, every one I know either loves Final Fantasy, or wants to play a song from the game.

    • I think a lot of that comes down to the fact they played these great games when they were kids and the songs remind them of their childhood. Songs seem to really stick in people’s minds, connecting them with their memories.
      Hope you enjoyed them.

  2. Good list! It’s funny–I’ve listened to nothing but the piano collection CD from FFVIII for so long that I completely forgot about “Liberi Fatali” and “Don’t Be Afraid,” both of which I like a lot. The latter is really good for a battle theme because, as you mention, it has a lot of different content in it.

    If you haven’t heard the piano collections from the games, check it out. For sure, “Find Your Way” and “Succession of Witches” are two of my favorites off of the album, and while I still enjoy the in-game takes, the solo piano versions take them to another level.

    • Thanks mate, I have definitely heard the piano collection (as well as FFVII’s which was fantastic) and the song that surprised me the most was the piano rendition of “Blue Fields”. It transformed the song from an average field theme into such a wonderful piece.

      I also suggest listening to the orchestral arrange CD called “Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec” if you haven’t already. It really brings out the best features of some of the songs and helped me further appreciates FFVIII’s distinct and subtle musical themes. I mostly prefer the original in game compositions the best, but this is one is very good.

  3. I never played this game, and I must someday. But, for now, I listened to the songs on youtube. Lots of good songs. My favorite is liberi fatali. It’s pretty awesome.

    • From the sounds of it you have a long list of great games to catch up on! I’m glad that you listened to the songs and enjoyed them, use that as your inspiration to play the game.
      Good luck and thanks for the comment.

  4. twelve

    My favs:

    Battle theme(name?)
    Boss theme (Force your way)
    Eyes on me
    Shuffle or boogie piano arrangement
    Slideshow part 2

    The black mages did a really nice version of Man with the machine gun.

    • Good call on “Force Your Way”, definitely a great boss theme. I also really like the different versions of “Man with the Machine Gun” including the one you mentioned and the orchestrated one.

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  6. WhiteKnight597

    Force Your Way is one of the best boss themes I’ve ever heard (maybe only topped IMO by Lufia 2). I forget the name of the song when you fight Edea but that would also be in my personal top 5. This game was somewhat of a disappointment (loved the pace of the battles, but just hated the junction system & didn’t really care for the playable characters) but it did feature that trademark awesome FF music.

    • FFVIII did have some great Boss music, Force Your Way and The Extreme in particular. When you fight Edea might be Succession of Witches? I think the reason I like FFVIII is the way it is different in mechanics, same feeling, but a different game. Thanks!

  7. 0perario

    My top 5 from FFVIII is quite different from yours. In no particular order:

    – Force Your Way

    – Find Your Way (dungeon theme from the tomb of the unknown king and that place where you meet Odin also, I guess).

    – Premonition

    – The Castle (my favourite final dungeon theme ever)

    – Breezy

    And IMHO FFVIII was Uematsu’s finest moment. The chap was truly inspired while writing these songs!

    • I always think it’s a testament to Uematsu’s soundtracks in that everyone can make a Top 5 list and they can be completely different, it just shows how many amazing tracks he composes that appeal to different peoples tastes. I also really enjoy FFVIII’s music and it would probably be in my Top 5 Final Fantasy soundtracks. You only have to think about Blue Fields as an overworld theme to know FFVIII’s music is different, but still awesome. I like your Top 5 as well! Thanks.

  8. Balamb Garden is my all time favorite piece of art ever created …there is something about how relaxing that piece is

  9. Here’s one I really like that hasn’t been mentioned yet – “Find your way”. It starts with that foggy, dreary dungeon-y vibe that you also get in FF6 and Chrono Trigger, and there’s a pretty little piano bit in the middle.

  10. where’s “FORCE YOUR WAY” this is the best song in FF8 next to eyes on me and Liberi Fatali

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