Top 5 Songs From Chrono Cross

The soundtrack found in Chrono Cross is often regarded as the epitome of video game music. Its combination of Celtic, Mediterranean and African themes produced some of the most mystifying music that can be appreciated regardless of one’s connection to the game itself. These are my top 5 songs from Chrono Cross:

1. -Scars of Time (Time’s Scar)-

What starts out as a haunting and beautiful introduction soon erupts into a flurry of violins and percussion, transporting the listener into another world. It’s impossible not to be mesmerised by its intensity and energy. This may very well be the best piece of video game music ever written.

2. -The Dream That Time Dreams (Time of the Dreamwatch)-

Played alongside scenes from the game if you wait for it at the title screen, I always thought it perfectly summed up the entire game. It builds up throughout the song into a magical melody. Like other pieces from the Chrono Cross soundtrack it includes arrangements from original Chrono Trigger music. It is an inspiring and motivational piece.

3. -Radical Dreamers-

The swirling melody is very thoughtful and emotional. The vocals fit the mood of the song well and will give you shivers the first time you hear them. I always envision reminiscing about the past when I listen to this fantastic track.

4. -The Girl Who Stole the Stars (Star-Stealing Girl)-

A touching and chilling piece that highlights the darker side of some of the music found in Chrono Cross. It evokes a sense of sadness and mystery and serves perfectly as Kid’s theme in the game. It is simple and beautiful.

5. -Chronomantique-

Like many of the tracks in Chrono Cross, it gives off an easy going vibe of a tropical island paradise. It is warm and inviting and it’s easy to just get lost in its melody as you start to daydream. It flows so well that it can get stuck in your head for days.



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15 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Chrono Cross

  1. Best game soundtrack of all time, hands down.
    I invite any fan of the music reading this to check out my blog for my ongoing in-depth analysis of the title track, “Time’s Scar,” RPG Square’s #1 pick!

    • Actually, I think I might bring the OST with me on my 2.5 hour drive tomorrow. I could probably listen to Chronomantique the whole time…

      • Definately an amazing album and your analysis has been great so far. An intersting insight behind the composition. Have you any other favourites from the OST?. It was hard to leave off Arni Village (Home World) and Magical Dreamers!

      • Thanks, I really appreciate it. You know, it’s hard to pick favorites, but outside of the ones you listed, I think the melody of “Frozen Flame” is pretty and all of the variations between the home world and another world towns are great to listen to, though Termina ultimately takes the cake. While not my favorite track because I got sick of hearing the guitar over and over in the game, “Magical Dreamers” is iconic for sure, as it has to be one of the first three songs that pop in my head at the mention of Chrono Cross.

  2. Never played this game, but I listened to the music. Oh, my gosh. I need to play this game. Scars of Time is the best. I have to listen to it again.

    • I also heard music from Chrono Cross before I actually played it and felt exactly the same as you. Good luck playing the game, it is definitely something special!

  3. WhiteKnight597

    Aside from the main battle music (which you hear a ton and I hated) I think this is the best OST of all time. #2 on your list has to be the best map theme of all time.

    • 0perario

      Hey WhiteKnight597! I agree with you on this being the best OST of all time. And I also hate the battle theme hahahaha. I think the reason why this OST is so far above the others is that it had so few weak tracks… It has a pretty high number of amazing tracks and very few bad ones – battle theme being the worst offender.

      Ps: #2 in the list is not the song you’re referring to. That would be “Dream of the Shore Near Another World”, which is not only my favourite map theme ever, but the best piece of music I’ve heard in my entire life (choosing between this and some Pink Floyd songs was pretty hard though hahaha). Cheers!

      • You are correct Operario about the song being Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World and it was the hardest to leave off this list (it even almost made me bend the rules to include 6 songs haha). Either way it is a fantastic track in it’s own right. Thanks WhiteKnight and Operario for your comments!

  4. 0perario

    Fine selection. My favourite track from this game is “on the beach of dreams”/”dream of the shore bordering another world” or, basically, the overworld theme from Another World. I recall being about 13 or 14 when I played Cross and I actually put the controller down for a while just to listen to that song. It was the first time (out of a grand total of two) that that happened. Great game, great soundtrack, great website. Are you still updating it by the way? Kudos for your work mate. See ya!

    • Chrono Cross had a few moments like that, where I just put the controller down and got whisked away by the music. A true work of art. Glad you like the website, yeah I’ll be back into updating it soon. Thanks

  5. Excellent selection, Personally i think it’s been one of the best games ever made in atmosphere and music. So much i liked it that i’d dare to say that’s why i unconsciously moved to live in a place with the “looks” of it. playa del carmen

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