Review: Why You Should Play Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a turn-based RPG released on the Super Nintendo, created by a dream team of designers, which is often regarded as the greatest RPG ever made.

Chrono Trigger is a joy to play. Every part of it’s design is intuitive, well thought out and memorable. The time-travelling plot is captivating, the characters are diverse and interesting and the game play is engaging and fun. The beautiful 2D artwork and legendary musical score are imaginative and coupled with fantastic pacing; Chrono Trigger provides a video game experience unlike any other.

The plot involves travelling through time to settings such as prehistoric times, the Middle Ages, the present, a post-apocalyptic future and even to the end of time. The different time periods provide diverse locales and character types, helping to keep the story fresh and entertaining. The main characters are charming and unique. It is easy for the player to grow attached to them throughout the journey and have a genuine interest in their fate. The characters are given great personality and development, from the righteous cursed knight Frog, to the dark anti-hero Magus.

Chrono Trigger utilises a turn-based battle system similar to the Final Fantasy series, but allows for combination attacks between the party members. Battles are fast paced and special attacks are simple to execute, leading to fights that never drag and are always fun and satisfying. It’s this straightforward sense of design in many aspects of Chrono Trigger that has been lost in the development of modern games.

The soundtrack of Chrono Trigger is among the greatest ever produced. Despite the limited hardware, it features so many outstanding tracks and melodies. It includes tracks such as the heroic “Frog’s Theme” that perfectly defines the character, as well as background music such as “Corridor’s of Time” which is so mysterious and unique that it conveys exactly what it would be like to enter the magical kingdom of Zeal. Yasunori Mitsuda created an audio masterpiece that will likely never be surpassed.

Chrono Trigger is a timeless experience that is as good today as it was 15 years ago. If you wish to understand why RPGs are so loved, then you should play Chrono Trigger.



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8 responses to “Review: Why You Should Play Chrono Trigger

  1. Holden

    Great job man. You’ve made my mind up for me. I love RPG’s but never got a chance to play this. I’m going to buy the DS version…..just got a 3DS. Thanks for the great article

  2. I’m glad I convinced you to play this amazing game. I only first played this game a couple of years ago too, so I’m sure you will have a great time with it. If you enjoy it I would also recommend the fantastic Radiant Historia also on Nintendo DS.
    Thanks and welcome to the site!

  3. Jspheno

    is the ps1 version worth a go its all i have to play it on i have made it 5 hours into the game many times i have to say its a great rpg and im huge into rpgs just wondering if i should give the ps1 version a go cuz i heard load times suck in that version

    • The PS1 version does have slow load times, but it is not unplayable. If you love RPGs you really need to play Chrono Trigger and if you can’t get your hands on the SNES or NDS ones, then the PS1 version is the way to go! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

  4. Mark Holden

    i recommend also this game. especially for kids to be the first game. it is not very violent, there has many good characters, music and storyline. its total fun for all ages. i just showed it to my 8 year old daughter and she is totally thrilled. Also gave her a walkthrough for helping hand when i’m not near 🙂

    • Ecstatic to hear you have your 8 year old daughter playing Chrono Trigger, you are the best dad ever! haha. Let me know how she goes and if she enjoys it. Who would be her favourite character? Thanks

  5. Steffi

    Since I was 6 yrs old my Brother played this game, now i’m 14 and I managed to finish this game when I was 9, together with ff6 US on our snes. Now I’m playing it again on my smartphone the android version of chrono trigger. This game is my most recommended game, together with its relative game, chrono cross

    • Chrono Trigger would have been amazing to play when you were 6 years old. It’s pretty crazy to think we can now play these games on our phones hey? Thanks for the comment.

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