What Captivates Me About RPGs

We all play RPGs for different reasons. They provide wonderful stories, unforgettable characters, fantastical worlds and enjoyable game play mechanics. I find myself drawn to different aspects, but all my favourite games seem to balance these attributes to provide great experiences.

I am initially drawn to exploring new and exciting worlds and settings. I often daydream of getting lost in deep and magical adventures and the imaginary world in RPGs are an important escape from reality. I still remember the first time I stepped foot in the gritty Midgar, marvelled at the serene Opassa Beach or flew into Lindblum. The best RPGs use detailed art styles and present imaginative locales to appeal to our senses and hook us in to their strange inviting worlds.

Once the scene is set, intriguing and thrilling stories keep me on the edge of my seat, eager to experience the next plot twist or learn more about the world’s history. While I love stories, RPGs take it to another level allowing me to interact and feel more involved in the plot. Books can tell us great stories, but only RPGs can immerse us in them. Whether it’s travelling through time to save the future, or fighting against a corrupt empire, my favourite RPGs let me be a part of many memorable adventures.

The most important part of any story driven experience is ultimately the characters. Finding friends that you hold dear for years to come, or feeling hatred towards villains that perform unforgivable evil, RPGs have a wide variety of personas. Crono could capture our attention without saying a word and Kefka was someone to fear. Interesting characters help draw you into the experience and deep character development makes them seem real and human.

Video games still need to be fun to play and I’m drawn to the building up and customising of my party of characters and then battling against gigantic monsters and epic bosses. The other aspect I find I enjoy about classic RPGs is the variety in game play with the use of set pieces in the story or the implementation of mini-games.

There are so many other aspects of RPGs I love, such as whimsical music and hidden secrets that I am always on the look out for my next journey to unknown lands.



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2 responses to “What Captivates Me About RPGs

  1. I agree with you on all of this. Besides the fact that a game must be fun, I love good characters and stories most of all. Characters are the most important, though. The games where I don’t care for the characters aren’t nearly as special as the ones where I love the characters. I also love in RPG’s that you level up and all this work goes into making your characters strong. When the game gets difficult, I can’t give up because I put so much time into my characters, and I feel like I just can’t give up on them.

    • Well said, you know a game is special when you realise that you care about what is happening to the characters. If you have no investment in their story, then it is much harder to see it through to the end.

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