Review: Why You Should Play Terranigma

Terranigma is an action RPG released on the Super Nintendo only in Japan and European countries. It is an extremely rare and well crafted adventure.

Terranigma is full of mystery. From the initial desolate world, to the haunting music, the game hooks the player in promising an intriguing tale. The game seems simple at first, but quickly opens up to become an epic and addictive experience that keeps evolving the further it goes.

The story of Terranigma puts you in the shoes of a mischievous boy named Ark. After accidently opening Pandora’s Box, Ark must set out to resurrect the world. The plot is well paced and the visual changes to the environments, after their restoration is both beautiful and rewarding. It feels like the world is alive and every quest is bringing you a step closer to accomplishing your goal of rebuilding the world. The story of the game is both engaging and thought provoking and Ark has enough personality to carry the narrative and keep the player constantly interested.

The main game play revolves around controlling Ark as he roams through various towers, dungeons and landscapes. The game utilises an action-based battle system allowing Ark to perform many different techniques with his spear and rods such as spinning or sliding attacks. He can also cast magic spells from one-time use items created from Magirocks. Boss battles are also memorable and wonderfully designed.  The game play of Terranigma keeps the action fast paced and caters to various play styles.

Like the rest of the game, the music of Terranigma is amazing. The atmospheric background themes such as “The Underworld” add a sense of weight to the narrative, while perfectly setting the picture of a world in need of revitalisation. The “Boss Fight” and battle themes also help to portray a sense of urgency and suspense to the game play. The sensational soundtrack really is the extra layer that completes the great presentation found in this game.

Terranigma is a rare treasure that should not be missed. If you wish to play one the best classic action RPGs of all time, then you should play Terranigma.


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