Review: Why You Should Play Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is a turn-based RPG released on the Playstation which provided an unexpected and unique experience.

As a sequel to the SNES classic Chrono Trigger, the game took a slightly different approach in it’s design, that produced an unforgettable adventure. Some of it’s mechanics are unconventional, but it’s these risks that keep the game play fresh and original. The wonderful organic backgrounds and detailed character models give the game a mystical and exotic atmosphere. Chrono Cross is filled with an amazingly vivid and colourful world and the beautiful soundtrack elevates the game to a work of art.

The plot of Chrono Cross is instantly intriguing, dealing with the concepts of parallel worlds and alternate realities. The main character Serge finds a parallel world in which he died as a child and he must discover the truth about the differences of the dimensions and how to reconnect them. The story is compelling and emotional and while featuring a huge cast of central and optional characters, the narrative is constantly interesting and thought provoking.

Battles are initiated by coming into contact with monsters roaming around the world and all battles can be escaped from, even boss battles. The battle system is turn-based and utilises a stamina gauge that allows party members to attack multiple times during their turn. Elements can be equipped on all characters to allow them to cast spells similar to the Materia system in Final Fantasy VII. Techs return from Chrono Trigger, in which characters can combine their unique abilities to create powerful combo attacks.

The soundtrack of Chrono Cross is an amazing composition. It’s melodies are both complex, yet simple, but are always mesmerising. The Celtic inspired music compliments the two dimensions found within the game, offering both dark and bright themes. Some of Yasunori Mitsuda’s tracks are among the best ever released in a video game, from the passionate introductory theme “Scars of Time” to Kid’s haunting theme “The Girl who stole the Stars”. The soundtrack of Chrono Cross is so pleasing that you don’t even have to play to game to be enchanted by it.

Chrono Cross is an innovative RPG that comes together brilliantly. If you wish to play a moving and beautifully realised RPG, then you should play Chrono Cross.


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