Top 5 Songs From Chrono Trigger

The soundtrack of Chrono Trigger is among the greatest in video games. There are so many outstanding tracks that help to make this RPG so memorable. The most impressive feature is the ability of the music to convey many different time periods as the story progresses. These are my top 5 songs from Chrono Trigger:

1. -Frog’s Theme-

As soon as this song plays you are filled with the feeling of heroism. If perfectly defines the character of Frog and his fight for justice. It is such a passionate and energetic piece of music and is truly the best track in the game.

2. -Corridors of Time-

This song is played when the party visits the mystical kingdom of Zeal. It’s unique sound captures the mysterious and almost sacred atmosphere of the location and gives the feeling of native music from an ancient civilisation.

3. -Chrono Trigger Main Theme-

As the main track of the game, it’s prominent melody represents many themes found throughout the story. It is inspirational and uplifting and when it kicks into full gear conveys the spirit of adventure and hope.

4. -Wind Scene 600 A.D.-

The first few notes are instantly recognisable as you wonder through the world of 600 A.D. The song is calming, but also has a hint of dark themes and fits the Middle Ages time setting quite well. It starts off slow, but builds into a peaceful melody that is easy to hum along to.

5. -Battle With Magus-

The confrontation with Magus is an epic battle in the game and after all the anticipation I could not have hoped for a more perfect accompaniment of music. As the song builds, it creates suspense before unleashing into a frantic melody for the upcoming duel.



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24 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Chrono Trigger

  1. Never played this game, but I listened to the songs. Good music. I definitely like Frog’s theme best, too.

  2. Dave

    The song played during the standard ending is not only the best in the game but one of the best in any game. A genius piece of music.

    • If you mean “To Far Away Times”, then I agree with you it is a beautiful track and was hard to leave off of this list. There are so many great pieces of music in Chrono Trigger that 5 spots was not enough!

  3. No “secret of the forest”!?!?

    • Great choice and another hard track to leave off the list. “Secret of the Forest” is a mysterious and alluring piece. Thats how good this soundtrack is, even simple forest themes in Chrono Trigger are amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. the best one is corridors of time should
    be in first place

  5. Emiah

    Schalas theme is also a wonderful masterpiece, and I would personally place it at no.3, on this list, although it’s kinda reminicient of Corridors of Time.

  6. Robo Friend

    Good choices, but they wouldnt be my choices. Where is Robo’s Theme?

    • Again, Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack is just so good that everyone could make a Top 5 and they would all be different. It is truly a testament to Yasunori Mitsuda’s fantastic work. What would your full Top 5 be? Thanks for the comment.

      • WhiteKnight597

        Agreed, you could make a Top 20 list! Schala’s Theme would probably take my top spot and mainly because you hear it so little that when you do hear it, it’s even that much better!

  7. Steffi

    Hey, I a veteran of this game and I love the 600 ad bgm. And truce town theme also :3 when I hear frog’s theme (first time I heard I was 6 yrs old I think) I am irritated, because I think its loud and lively. I love soft bgms tho its relaxing

    • The soft background music is great, but I can also enjoy the loud and lively ones! Haha. Glad you enjoy Chrono Trigger and it’s music so much. Thanks!

  8. Etevs

    Great list!, my two favorites are Peaceful Days and Marles Theme (Death Peak). Both are very personal for me.

    • And that’s the great thing about RPGs, certain aspects resonate with you and give you a personal experience. Awesome!
      Marle’s Theme on Death Peak is a great example of narrative and music coming together wonderfully.

  9. John

    I’ve never liked Frog’s Theme. Nothing special about it.

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  12. Dan

    Great list there trigger7!

    I agree that the entire Chrono Trigger soundtrack is one of the best game soundtracks ever. As for me personally, I couldn’t narrow it down to 5, so instead I have made a top 10 (in no particular order):

    1. At the bottom of night (tugs at my heart strings every time I hear it)
    2. Magus’ battle theme (truly captures this climactic moment in the game)
    3. Corridors of time (utterly mesmerising)
    4. Frog’s theme (a fittingly heroic-sounding theme for my favourite character in the game)
    5. Lavos’ theme (when you fight its outer shell form at the end)
    6. To far away times (one of the best ending themes in a game)
    7. Tyrano lair (supposedly Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame composed this brilliant piece)
    8. World revolution (I reckon this should have been the Last Battle music instead; truly pumps me up for some Lavos bashing)
    9. Battle music 2 (the battle theme that should have been but never made it into the game; runs rings around the normal battle theme)
    10. Singing mountain (another beautiful piece of music that didn’t make it into the game…I wish they substituted it into the game as either the Mt. Woe or Death Peak themes).

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