Review: Why You Should Play Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is a turn-based RPG released on the Super Nintendo which provided an epic adventure unlike any other game of it’s era.

The scope of Final Fantasy VI is gigantic. It was a game designed well ahead of it’s time and constantly feels like it is being restricted by the hardware it was created for. Although, this is definitely not a negative. The event scenes, written dialogue and expertly designed musical score come together perfectly to portray the dramatic narrative without ever going over the top. Final Fantasy VI gives you the vision and your imagination can fill in anything more you desire.

The story revolves around a resistance group known as The Returners and follows their exploits to overthrow an empire. It is set in a steampunk fantasy world and includes 14 main playable characters. The brilliance of Final Fantasy VI’s story is in it’s diverse, yet important characters, most of who have extensive character development and deep personalities and motives. The main villain of the game, Kefka is one of the most memorable in the series, who not only threatens the destruction of the world, but actually accomplishes it.

The turn-based battle system uses the Active Time Battle (ATB) system used in most games in the Final Fantasy series. Characters can equip summon monsters called Espers that allow them to learn magic spells, increase their stats and summon them in battle. With a large group of characters and a variety of spells to learn, the player can choose to customise their party to suit their play style.

The music of Final Fantasy VI is incredible. Like everything else in the game Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack is composed with a sense of grandeur. Despite the limited capabilities of the hardware, the music has the feeling of an opera. Each character has their own distinct theme music and they are all fitting and wonderfully designed. From “Aria di Mezzo Carattere”, played during the opera scene to “Terra’s Theme”, the music brings the game to life and adds another layer to the presentation.

Final Fantasy VI is the epitome of epic RPG design. If you wish to play one of the best classic RPG’s ever created, then you should play Final Fantasy VI.


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