Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VII

The music of Final Fantasy VII outlines the moody atmosphere of the game from the opening moment. It is dark and emotional and pulls you into the story just as much as the visuals. These are my top 5 songs from Final Fantasy VII:

1. -Aeris’ Theme (Aerith’s Theme)-

Easily the best song on the soundtrack. From the first few notes its grabs your attention and never lets go. It is both sad and uplifting at the same time and evokes emotion in the listener every time it’s heard. Music like this makes great games into masterpieces.

2. -Main Theme of FFVII-

An epic piece that just builds and builds throughout the song. It plays as the party is traversing the world map and it perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and the fear of what is coming next. A lengthy, but grandiose piece of background music.

3. -Opening-Bombing Mission-

The first thing you will hear from the start of the game to the attack on the Mako Reactor. It provides a great sense of urgency to the situation and completes what is one of the most memorable openings in any RPG.

4. -One Winged Angel-

Not only was Sephiroth an intimidating and intriguing villain, but he also has arguably the greatest boss theme ever. How can you not get pumped up to fight him once this song moves into full gear? It illustrates the tension of the final battle in the game and gives the player another reason to fear Sephiroth.

5. -Tifa’s Theme-

Not the most impressive track when you first hear it, but like many other great songs, it stays with you throughout the journey. It’s sweeping melody makes you smile and it’s upbeat tempo never fails to bring back happy memories.



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4 responses to “Top 5 Songs From Final Fantasy VII

  1. I recently did a post on the same thing. I love Bombing Mission. It’s one of my favorites, too. And of course, One-Winged Angel. So awesome. One of the best final boss themes ever.

    • Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack is full of many memorable songs that stay with you after you finish it. I read your post and you highlight some of the other great songs. Thanks!

  2. WhiteKnight597

    The boss theme in this game is one of my favorite boss themes of all time.

    • Agree! And it still didn’t make the list haha. Those Who Fight, Still Fighting and JENOVA are great battle themes that really pump you up! Thanks.

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